Network Security Consultant Job Description

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Network Security Consultant Job Profile and Description

A Network Security Consultant is a professional who works for a company to provide it with top level network and internet security. These individuals have strong knowledge of IT and networks and use it to determine possible network problems and breaches.  For every business organization or any other working entity, the importance of securing important data is undeniable and this is where network security consultants step in. these professionals help in making networks strong enough so that no unwanted breach takes place and data is kept secured and confidential. To become a network security consultant, a candidate must fulfil many requirements and perform several duties. To know more, you can read the following given information:

Network Security Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

Given below are a few of the most important duties and responsibilities of a Network Security Consultant:

  • To implement and manage the network and information encryption system.
  • To plan and build a safe and secure system so that data loss or network breach does not take place.
  • To analyse the existing systems and devise new and better security systems for the company based on its needs.
  • To maintain, manage and update systems with newer and improved methods and codes.
  • To test, evaluate and run new systems and see whether or not they work as per expectations.
  • To train new recruits and help them fix vulnerabilities and other such problems.
  • To troubleshoot problems and avoid glitches.

Network Security Consultant Skills and Specifications

The following are the main physical and professional skills needed by a network security consultant:

  • Strong analytical abilities, troubleshooting qualities.
  • Excellent command over Computer systems, components and troubleshooting methods.
  • Exceptional network security knowledge and expertise.
  • Extensive technical knowledge and know-how.
  • Knowledge of performing indexes and knowledge of SQL and PLSQL.
  • Basic knowledge of programming languages and various types of software.
  • Good interpersonal skills, managerial abilities, problem solving qualities and self-motivation are also required.

Network Security Consultant Education and Qualification

Given below are the academic requirements from a network security consultant:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any field related to computers or software is a must.
  • Diploma course in network security, programming languages and other such software can be considered useful.

Network Security Consultant Salary

A Network Security Consultant can expect to earn an average income of $70000. The exact figure may depend on the size and credibility of the company.

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