Network Server Engineer Job Description

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Network Server Engineer Job Profile and Description

A network server engineer is an individual who applies his engineering sense in the maintenance and management of computer networks at the server site especially. The server computer, as we know, is a huge computer system that connects with several client computers to provide the information requested for. The network server engineer has to ensure that the network that supports the server engine and connects it with client systems is a sturdy and effective one when it comes to flawless transport of messages and data.

The job of a network server engineer may be required by a particular company or firm to manage its server network or by some IT networking agency that manages several server machines and corresponding networks.

Network Server Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities required of a network server engineer include the following:

  • The network server engineer needs to not only manage the server network but also perform installation of server system and support its execution.
  • It is an important job responsibility of the network server engineer to understand the key concepts of the server network and analyze the client requests effectively.
  • The permissions to be granted to clients for access of the server network are decided by the network server engineer.
  • A network server engineer might often need to deal with clients, explaining them the basic technicalities of the server engine in the layman’s language; hence the engineer must get his ideas and concepts completely clear such that he can get them around to all.
  • The functionalities as well as future prospects of the particular server must be thoroughly known to the network server engineer, since he needs to report every detail to his superior.
  • The network server engineer must ensure total security of the server network and perform routine checks to identify any error or faults in the network.

Network Server Engineer Skills and Specification

The skills and specifications that need to be possessed by a network server engineer are:

  • Thorough concepts and understanding of the subject; ability to implement the ideas at the real job front.
  • Understanding of situations and ability to deal with any sort of technical or professional problems.
  • Reasoning and logical skills; ability to analyze and build up effective server network systems.
  • Communication skills

Network Server Engineer Education and Qualification

The network server engineer must possess the following education and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree as well as Master’s in computer networks or computer science/application.
  • A doctoral degree or specialization in some specific area of network engineering.
  • On-the-job training completion and certification by State registered bodies in effective and suitable course(s).

Network Server Engineer Salary

The average salary of a network server engineer may range between $42,000 and $90,000 annually.

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