Nursery manager Job Description

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Nursery manager Job Profile and Description

A nursery manager is in charge of a nursery and looks over the operations of a nursery – the wholesale or retail facility which sells trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants either to customers in general or to landscaping contractors. Some nurseries only sell plants while others may also grow them. Nursery managers take care of all aspects of the daily operations and need to report to nursery owners.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The nursery manager needs to interact with vendors and make sure that the nursery  has all the provisions and supplies
  • He is mainly responsible for the financial side of the business and has to make sure that the target profit margins are met
  • The nursery manager oversees the cultivation and the well-being of plants
  • He is responsible for hiring and training of staff and also teaches them how to use the basic gardening equipment
  • They interact with customers, recommend which plants and trees would suit their landscaping and gardening needs
  • They give advice on plant diseases and other areas of plant care like how to use fertilizers, weed control etc
  • Some nursery managers might need to visit landscaping projects and give suggestions for projects
  • A nursery manager also needs to supervise contractors and other workers on the field

Skills and Specifications

  • A nursery manager must be knowledgeable about the various plants and about their basic care
  • He must have good leadership skills and be able to supervise workers under him
  • He must have be good with numbers and keep records of all the transactions
  • He must be interested in plants and their development

Education and Qualifications

A person interested in this field can go for a degree courses in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping or related courses. A business administration course will help him in the managerial duties too.

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