Nursery Nurse Job Description

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Nursery Nurse Job Profile and Description

Nursery nurses are employed by schools, day nurseries, family centers, private nurseries, and crèches or at homes as nannies where they assist qualified teachers in nursery or primary classes. They are mainly responsible for taking care of children in their day to day activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Nursery nurses play with children and help them with their learning, educational and social development
  • They feed the children, wash them, take them to the toilet and help clean them
  • They have to keep records and need to file reports of the problem and progress of the children
  • They are responsible for first aid and basic medical care of the children
  • They plan, and develop learning materials and resources to teach the children
  • They educate the children on hygiene and cleanliness through programmes and plays
  • They work in coordination with other professionals, such as social workers and medical staff
  • They encourage the children to develop socially
  • They must create a safe and protective environment for the child, and be aware of any potential dangers like articles or chemicals etc
  • They need to contact parents and keep them posted on the child’s development

Skills and Specifications

  • Nursery nurses need to be friendly towards children
  • They must be sympathetic and have a cheerful personality
  • They must have good communication skills and must be organised
  • They must be responsible and work well in a team
  • They should be creative and observant of the child’s behaviour

Education and Qualifications

Nursery nurses need to be qualified or licensed as a nurse to take up a job in this field. Every country has certain tests which a nurse must qualify in order to work as a nursery nurse which teach them how to interact with children and give medical knowledge.

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