Nursery worker Job Description

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Nursery worker Job Profile and Description

A nursery worker works in a plant nursery where he is responsible for planting seeds, cultivating, harvesting, and transplanting trees, shrubs, or plants, looking after the flowers and for the overall maintenance of the nursery. A nursery worker is like a nurturer and must carefully take care of the plants.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A nursery worker needs to plant, spray, weed, fertilize, and water plants and use gardening tools
  • He needs to regulate greenhouse conditions
  • The areas must be cleaned and cleared of weeds and landscaping must be done
  • Maintenance of irrigation and climate control systems id very important too
  • He must also maintain inventory, and order different materials as and when required
  • He needs to provide advice to the customers about the selection, purchase, and care of plants
  • He must keep proper records of the plants and their growth
  • He has to sell and deliver plants and flowers to customers

Skills and Specifications

  • A nursery worker must have knowledge of horticulture and methods of raising and caring for flowers
  • He should also know about other plants in greenhouses and outdoor beds
  • He should understand which diseases or pests might affect the plants and make provisions for their control
  • He must also be creative and design the displays well
  • He must have ability to train subordinate employees, to assign tasks, and to supervise their work.
  • He must have knowledge of the preparation of soil, arrangement of flower beds, transplanting of flowers and other plants
  • He must be able to carefully use the different gardening tools and materials

Education and Qualifications

Education qualifications would depend on the job position; for basic job a high school degree is enough and training takes place on the job. But a bachelor’s degree along with specialisation in horticulture, experience in greenhouse-related work etc proves to be more helpful.

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