Office Nurse Job Description

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Office Nurse Job Profile and Description

An office nurse is someone who works in a doctor’s office and handles both medical and official work to help the doctor. The job description may vary from office to office according to the responsibilities of the office nurse. But they play an essential role in helping a doctor’s clinic run smoothly and at the same time provide patient care. Doctors prefer such licensed office nurses instead of any employee because these nurses have medical knowledge and at the same time can do the necessary official work. The scope of their work broadly includes writing down appointments, coding for insurance purpose, making bills, managing the clinic, updating patient and other information in the computer, helping patients during examination and assisting the physicians when they need any help.

Office Nurse Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an office nurse are as follows:

  • Taking down appointments and noting the time and name of patients
  • Answering calls received at the clinic and handle patient enquiries
  • Rooming patients, that is, calling patients from the waiting area and seating them in the doctor’s examination room
  • Make sure the patient is comfortable and help him prepare before the examination
  • Take samples and conduct diagnostic tests
  • File test results carefully for patients to collect
  • Counsel patients and their families and administers medicines, injections etc according to the instructions of the doctors
  • Assists doctors during examination and explains the doctor’s instructions to the patients in a simple manner
  • Take vital signs, organise and set up charts

Office Nurse Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of an office nurse include:

  • Must have good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Be empathetic towards patients and be a good listener
  • Have a pleasant personality and remain calm under pressure
  • Must be ready to work for long and strenuous hours sometimes
  • Follow all the cleanliness and hygiene rules and regulations

Office Nurse Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for an office nurse are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s or associate degree in nursing with proper certification in necessary
  • Experience of working in a hospital before is also helpful

Office Nurse Salary

An office nurse usually gets paid a little lower than a hospital nurse but it may vary from clinic to clinic The average salary per hour is around $$14- 20.



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