Offshore Piping Engineer Job Description

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Offshore Piping Engineer Job Profile and Description

Offshore piping engineers are generally hired by the organisation operating in the oil, gas and petroleum industries. Offshore piping refers to the piping jobs done in the subsea area. The offshore piping engineers are hired by the above stated segment to get them to design pipeline systems for the projects and handle numerous other aspects of the offshore piping projects.

These projects are beyond the normal understanding and hence the individuals working in this sector need to have adequate knowledge, education and training before entering the field.

Offshore Piping Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities that the offshore piping engineer profile includes are:

  • They are responsible for designing the whole pipeline systems as suitable to the needs of the respective project they are working on.
  • In designing the systems the individuals have to conduct proper analysis of the environment, the type of surroundings and accordingly choose suitable materials to work with.
  • These engineers are given the sole responsibility of taking care of the purchase of the materials to be used and to ensure that the quality is at par.
  • They have to do all the calculations and ensure that all the operations are done as per exact specific calculations.

Offshore Piping Engineer Skills and Specifications

The skills required for working in the offshore piping sector include:

  • Knowledge of the regulatory requirements for offshore projects set by the local/ state and the federal authorities.
  • Understanding of the industry and its up- to- date knowledge.
  • Analytical and technical/ problem solving expertise.
  • Management, organisation, planning and leadership skills.
  • Team player and coordination abilities.

Offshore Piping Engineer Education and Qualification

The education that is set as the requirement for the offshore piping engineer job title is:

  • The minimum set requirement for a career in offshore piping is a bachelor’s degree in the engineering sciences like civil, mechanical, chemical and ocean etc.
  • The engineers are also required to have an experience varying from 4- 10 years in the piping field.
  • It is also required by most authorities that those who wish to be associated with public projects, have a license as issued by the state/ federal authorities.

Offshore Piping Engineer Salary

The average salary for an offshore piping engineer job positions is stated to be $ 128,000 per annum, as of 2014 standards. The variations to either side are correlated with the duration of the project, the size/ type of the work and the organisation/ industry specifications etc.

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