Oil Field Foreman Job Description

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Oil Field Foreman Job Profile and Description

The oil field foreman holds an important and attractive job profile as he is bestowed with responsibilities to oversee all sorts of activities taking place at the oil field and analyze them as per the standards set by the respective company or organization. The education requirements do not scale very high limits but practical experience is very essential for this job profile.

Work experience in oil field activities qualify an individual for the position of an oil field foreman, for it is extremely important for them to provide the right supervision and advise for adopting strategies and executing related activities in the oil field.

Oil Field Foreman Duties and Responsibilities

The oil field foreman needs to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • The primary and, perhaps, most important duty of an oil field foreman is to observe and assess the tasks and activities in the oil field, as executed by technicians and employees.
  • An oil field foreman must be thoroughly aware of the practices undertaken in the particular oil field, and the corresponding strictures and regulations, as specified by the State government.
  • Safety is an important issue that needs to be looked after seriously at jobs in oil fields; hence, the foreman must supervise and manage these aspects effectively. Risks must be identified properly by the oil field foreman and effective security measures adopted.
  • It is the responsibility of the oil field foreman to analyze the different parameters for operation of oil fields and collect records and particulars, and document them in an official manner.
  • The oil field foreman being in a superior position officially must put in best efforts to train subordinates and trainees in ways that they understand and gain proper insight into the particular area of work.
  • Better and effective strategies may be thought of and suggested by oil field foremen, to help the particular site or company succeed in respective areas of performance.

Oil Field Foreman Skills and Specifications

  • Physical potentials – stamina and strength – are key skills required of oil field foremen.
  • Organizational skills, communication abilities, and computer literacy are very important in this field of work.
  • An oil field foreman must have clear ideas of the oil field methods and techniques, work ethics, standards and regulations; practical knowledge and skills are also extremely essential.
  • Leadership qualities are desired of an oil field foreman.

Oil Field Foreman Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of an oil field foreman include:

  • A High school diploma or the GED are among the minimum academic requirements for qualifying as an oil field foreman.
  • Attaining a bachelor’s degree or undergoing graduation is not compulsory; but formal training and experience in the oil industry is extremely important.
  • Certification for practical training courses or related to work experience should be produced at the time of application for the position of an oil field foreman.
  • Licensure from State approved and registered bodies is compulsory for qualifying as an authentic and certified oil field foreman.

Oil Field Foreman Salary

The salary of an oil field foreman in the U.S lies in the range of $46,000 – $52,000, with earnings moving up the higher range with experience and proficiency of officials.

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