Oil Field Technician Job Description

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Oil Field Technician Job Profile and Description

An oil field technician performs the task of handling technical aspects of an oil field and managing jobs in the particular field of work. The job of an oil field technician is of a very serious nature and requires thorough involvement to perform in a desired and successful manner. It is important for the technician to primarily understand the concepts and technologies that are mainly in operation, and to adopt those techniques in a proper manner.

Oil field technicians need to be highly aware of the risk factors and adopt precautionary measures, and also seek professional support for safety and security issues that arise at the oil field(s). The job of an oil field technician thus requires one to have undergone a complete and systematic training course in the area of work prior to actually working in oil fields as technician.

Oil Field Technician Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities needed to be performed by an oil field technician have been given below:

  • An oil field technician primarily needs to function at the specific oil field he has been assigned to; hence, each and every detail of the execution of that particular area needs to be thoroughly understood by the technician.
  • The oil field technician must have proper knowledge of the equipments used and methodologies adopted at the particular oil field, ensuring that no faulty practice occurs on his part.
  • It is important for the oil field technician to ensure complete safety and security at the site, and necessary measures need to be adopted and strategies designed.
  • The oil field technician must perform the duty of training junior officials and other trainee level staff in the respective field of work.
  • Newer systems and advanced techniques may be developed by the oil field technician, which would help perform better projects.

Oil Field Technician Skills and Specifications

  • Strong aptitude, reasoning, analytical and logical abilities; knowledge and understanding of mechanical sciences.
  • Presence of mind and thorough idea of technical concepts relating to oil fields and their operation is important.
  • Interpersonal skills, team work qualities as well as leadership skills are crucial.
  • Computer literacy is required.
  • Safety issues and security techniques must be well-known to the oil filed technician and practiced wisely.

Oil Field Technician Education and Qualification

The education and qualification standards, as required of an oil field technician, include:

  • A high school degree is the compulsory standard of basic education required.
  • Diploma or graduation is optional; technicians with equivalent degrees will be sought after.
  • Licensure is compulsory to work as an oil field technician.
  • Formal training and hands-on experience in handling technical issues at the oil field are necessary to be acquired by all aspiring candidates.

Oil Field Technician Salary

The average salary of an oil field technician ranges between $45,000 and $80,000 per annum. Technicians with greater experience and better job skills are likely to have higher earnings.

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