Oil rig manager Job Descriptions

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Oil rig manager Job Profile and Description

An oil rig manager, also known as a Toolpusher, is in charge of supervising the whole crew on the oil rig and also monitors the drilling activities and equipment. He is the leader who gives directions to the drillers; he conducts safety training, resolves any dispute among the crew members and helps in solving any personnel and operational issue.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • An oil rig manager must monitor every rig operation to ensure that the operations follow the environment standards, government directives and all safety requirements are met
  • He has to ensure that high standards are met and maintained
  • He must make sure that all the workers in the rig are adequately trained and the rig is equipped to provide the customer with a safe, efficient means of accomplishing their drilling
  • Critical inventories and equipment must be regularly checked and maintained
  • He must ensure that all rig moves comply with the operating manual, company policy and regulatory requirements
  • He also needs to monitor all rig cost and see that all parts and equipment are sent in for repairs when required
  • He must coordinate with the materials control department for the movement of materials and supplies to and from the rig

Skills and Specifications

  • He must have physical strength and stamina
  • Knowledge of computer is important
  • Must be able to work in a team environment
  • He must have strong leadership skills
  • He should have good training skills
  • He should be aware of all rig positions that lead to rig manager

Education and Qualifications

He must have adequate training in:

  • HSE Management System
  • HSE Induction
  • Advanced Fire Training
  • Permit to Work – Supervisor
  • Fall Protection
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Standard First Aid & CPR
  • Defensive Driving

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