Oil rig operator job description

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Oil rig operator Job Profile and Description

An oil rig operator oversees the rig crew, and is in charge of supervising the daily operations in an oil rig. He schedules jobs, finds out if any new installation is necessary and takes care of servicing equipment such as ponies, polish rods, pumps and drive units in an oil rig. He is the link between all the crew members and coordinates among different jobs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • An oil rig operator supervises the drill team members on the oil rig and also looks after the drilling activities and equipment
  • He provides leadership and ensures safety training and practices
  • He resolves disputes and helps in solving personnel and operational issues
  • He has to meet and communicate with his superiors within the contracting oil company and give them updates of the rig operations
  • He must adhere to environmental norms and government policies in order to maintain the ecological balance
  • He must manage the set up and take down of rigs
  • He must coordinate between different rig crews, sometimes 3, 4 at a time

Skills and Specifications

  • He must be adaptable and be ready to get his hands dirty
  • He must have the basic knowledge of almost all the jobs in an oil rig so that he can supervise and direct the crew
  • He must possess leadership skills and have the ability to communicate well and listen to his crew
  • He should delegate responsibilities and maintain a high level of organisation aboard the rig

Education and Qualifications

There are special certification programmes that one must attend to fulfil this position as these are highly specialised jobs. Also one requires training in a number of sub-fields like Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Training, Fall Protection, oil field boiler and specialised safety training like fall protection and high angle rescue.

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