Packaging Operator Job Description

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Packaging Operator Job Profile and Description

The Packaging Operator works at the last stages of the manufacturing line to pack the finished products, label and aggregate them for storage or shipment to distribution outlets.  They operate or tend machines at the end of line to process industrial or consumer products for storage or shipment.

Packaging Operator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Start packaging and filling machine by engaging the controls
  • Perform the packaging operation the product in accordance with product packaging specification that allows the product efficient storage and shipment
  • Sort products for packaging and filling machine operation
  • Replenish packaging materials like wrapping paper, plastic sheets, boxes, cartons, and labeling systems to include ink, glue and paper
  • Inspect in-process packaging to endure consistent quality and remove defective products and packaging material in the process
  • Segregate finished packaged items from machine that conform to specification and separate rejected items.
  • Conduct inventory count on finished and rejected packaged items
  • Monitor packaging and filling operations to ensure quality and conformity of filled or packaged products in accordance to standards.
  • Monitor the packaging production line to forestall potential bottlenecks, pile-ups, jams, glue not sticking properly or labels being stamp in the wrong location

Packaging Operator Skills and Specifications

  • Must have the sense of responsibility to accomplish tasks without supervision
  • Must have excellent observation skills to prevent major bottlenecks, out-of-quality situations and production line problems
  • Must have complete an thorough knowledge about the products
  • Has high knowledge in electro mechanical principles to operate mass production machines
  • Must have adequate interpersonal to work in a team

Packaging Operator Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma or GED is basic to the position while a 1-2-year post secondary education is an advantage
  • A previous experience in packaging or other manufacturing operations is an advantage

Packaging Operator Salary

The annual median wage of a Packaging Operator in 2009 was $12.08 per hour or $25,130 annually.  The salary covers a range depending on the industry and the extent of operations.

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