Pediatric Surgeon Job Description

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Pediatric surgeon job description and profile

A pediatric surgeon deals with the operative care and diagnosis of health issues in small children, infant, foetus and adolescents. Any kind of operative need of children like removal of tumors, corrective surgeries and other disorders in children usually below the age of 15 years is taken care of by a pediatric surgeon. A pediatric surgeon operates on most of the disorders in children, except in cases where another specialist is required to correct more specific problems.

Pediatric surgeon duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a pediatric surgeon are given below and all of them apply to children below 15 years of age only.

  • Diagnosis of the problem and ascertaining the need for surgery
  • Correction of external and internal deformities in children
  • Correction of birth defects
  • Treatment of physical or mental trauma
  • Separation of co-joined twins
  • treating all kinds of neonatal child problems
  • Treating congenital malfunctions by means of surgery
  • Removal of tumors, hernia and other abnormal growth in the body
  • Diagnosis of health defects in foetus and respective treatment
  • Care of premature babies

Pediatric surgeon skills and specification

As a doctor who deals with babies and young adults, a pediatric surgeon needs to have special skills in order to deal with children of all ages. The special skills that are essential to be a pediatric surgeon are listed below.

  • Genuine concern for children – both in the foetul stage and adolescence
  • An understanding of child psychology
  • Precise diagnosis of the problem and deciding whether the problem can be solved without surgery
  • A pleasing and sensitive personality
  • Extreme precision during surgeries

Pediatric surgeon education and qualification

A pediatric surgeon has to be certified by American Board of Medical Specialists (ABMS) and further by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). The qualifications required are as given below.

  • A basic four year medical school degree
  • A four year bachelor’s degree in pre-medicine
  • A five year post graduate degree in general surgery
  • After completing a five year post graduation, a two year study in pediatric surgery

After passing an exam on pediatric surgery, a pediatric surgeon gets a certificate by ABP. The certification has to be refreshed once in every decade.

Pediatric surgeon salary


A pediatric surgeon may earn between $330,000 to $335,000 annually.

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