Physician Advisor Job Description

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Physician Advisor Job Profile and Description

Physician Advisor acts as a liaison between the physicians and the hospital administration. A Physician Advisor works as a part of health care units and advice physicians on medical practices that are best, marketing strategies and also about latest medicines. A Physical advisor’s role was not too important earlier, but now, a physician advisor has to work all 7 days of the week with the patient care being delivered 24 hours a week. Similarly, with the frequent changes in rules and regulations, physician advisors need a good knowledge of their subject.

The healthcare industry is in need of more physician advisors and there are many health care units that outsource them when necessary.

Physician Advisor Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the duties and responsibilities that need to be performed by a physical advisor:

  • Performs clinical review on cases referred by healthcare professionals and ensures quality and effective patient care is provided.
  • Serve as a consultant to medical professionals and staff and educates them on quality regulations and federal/state utilization.
  • Discusses about alternative levels of patient care and about other requirements to medical director and other medical professionals.
  • Suggests recommendations of treatment of specific cases and discuses about the same to the health care team and also to the case management members.

Physician Advisor Skills and Specifications

The following are the skills and specifications required by a Physician Advisor:

  • Ability to work for extended hours and also handle pressure.
  • Must be up-to-date on latest technologies and medical procedures.
  • Excellent communication, problem solving and people skills.
  • Good knowledge in medical treatment methods.

Physician Advisor Education and Qualification

The following are the education and qualification required by a Physician Advisor:

  • A bachelor’s degree in chemistry or any related field.
  • A four year degree from an accredited medical school.
  • Three to eight years of residency or internship programs.
  • Specialization can be achieved in cardiology or any other field of interest.

Physician Advisor Salary

Physician Advisors earn around $77,000 per annum and the income varies depending up on the experience of the physician advisor and also the location where they work. Physician Advisors enjoy many benefits like vacation pay, medical insurance, retirement benefits etc. The job opportunities for a physician advisor can increase up to 22 percent by the year 2018 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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