Plant Accountant Job Description

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Plant Accountant Job Profile and Description

A plant accountant has to perform the duty of an in house accountant as well as bookkeeper in a manufacturing plant. The basic responsibilities of a plant accountant are different from a general accountant.  It is their duty to ensure that the finance of the manufacturing plant is balanced.

They have to keep track of revenue as well as expenses and balance the bank accounts at the end of the month and year. It is the plant accountant who sometimes prepares the budgets and report finance. The tax return of the plant is also prepared by the plant accountant.

Plant Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

A plant accountant needs to perform various duties and responsibilities. They are as follows:

  • Supervising the accounting personnel and coordinating with the staff in order to ensure they perform their duties accurately.
  • Maintaining the required system and procedures that monitors the effectiveness of the operations of the plant
  • Assisting the controller in preparing the financial data that would be required for the purpose of planning and forecasting
  • Preparing the cash disbursement analysis report
  • Generating the data effectively for the purpose of preparing functional accounts payable system
  • Maintaining a close rapport with the customers and keeping a track of all the cash receipts
  • Preparing financial reports and analyzing financial information of all the departments of the plant
  • Maintaining the Access database of all the departments
  • Monitoring the key performance and tracking systems
  • Assisting in the process of budgeting and all procedures that help in developing departmental budgets
  • Monitoring the areas that would require expertise as well as financial planning
  • The candidate in the position have to sometimes prepare governmental census reports and tax statements

Plant Accountant Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required in order to work as a plant accountant are as follows:

  • Must have the ability to do multitasking
  • Necessary to possess excellent coordination skills
  • Required to possess knowledge about financial and accounting statements
  • Must be aware of tax procedures
  • Must have good leadership skills.

Plant Accountant Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required in order to become a plant accountant are:

  • Bachelors degree in accounting
  • A CPA or a CMA certification is necessary
  • Masters degree in public accounting

Plant Accountant Salary

The average annual salary of a plant accountant is around $61,000. The salary may vary depending upon the job profile and the type of organization.

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