Power System Engineer Job Description

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Power System Engineer Job Profile and Description

Power systems or more commonly known- the electrical power system refers to the network which is made of electrical components, and the aim is to supply, transmit and use electricity. The power system engineers are the professionally qualified individuals who work on a range of activities and operations relating to these power systems.

For example an engineer may be working in the electricity producing power plant, a distribution company, an electrical products company and many such more companies. The tasks assigned to them at these varied organisations also vary. But all these individuals must be qualified in the field and must have the set skills to be able to perform as power system engineers.

Power System Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

A power system engineer must fulfil the following duties and responsibilities:

  • The power system engineer may be responsible for forming and building a suitable utility system as needed by the respective organisation.
  • to conceive the power systems/ circuits and direct their implementation.
  • He/she must perform the task of accessing the efficiency of the integrated power technology being used in the operations.
  • to new methods of managing, implementing and operating on the systems.
  • It is the duty of the engineer to ensure that all the safety rules and regulations set by the respective authorities are adhered to in all the operations of the organization where they are employed.

Power SystemEngineer Skills and Specifications

A power system engineer must possess the following skills and specifications:

  • The power systems engineer must have the ability to skilfully analyse the technical designs of the power systems.
  • Must have management skills so that he can manage the project when needed
  • The individual must have all the latest knowledge and know- how of the components of a power system.

Power System Engineer Education and Qualification

The power system engineer must have the following qualifications:

  • Those aspiring to become power system engineers must begin with an undergraduate level degree in the field of electrical engineering from an accredited college.
  • Though the bachelor’s level degree is enough get entry level jobs, those aiming for higher levels of hierarchy must go for post graduate educations in the same field.

Power System Engineer Salary

The average median salary for a power system engineer is somewhere about $82,150 per annum, with variations in accordance with the organisation, type of work and locations etc.

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