Preschool assistant director Job Description

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Preschool assistant director Job Profile and Description

A Preschool assistant director is a senior level professional working at a preschool facility to administer and manage most of the administrative duties and responsibilities. These individuals work directly below the director of the preschool and help in making the functioning and operations of the school smooth and error free on a day to day basis. Preschool assistant directors are responsible for recruitment processes, financial operations, maintaining hygiene, discussing new regulations and performing many more such tasks. To handle all these duties, a person working at this position must be adequately educated and sufficiently skilled. The following is a detailed job description of a preschool assistant director.

Preschool assistant director Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the main job duties and responsibilities of a preschool assistant director:

  • To ensure that the preschool facility is safe and is a fun place for preschool children to learn and spend their time at.
  • To look after the marketing related matters as well as the financial matters of the school and ensure that they all are running smoothly.
  • To manage staff, head the training process and take part in the recruitment process of new teachers.
  • To work with parents and interact with children.
  • To monitor staff members and see to it that they are working as per the norms and standards of the industry.
  • To order supplies whenever required.

Preschool assistant director Skills and Specifications

A preschool assistant director must possess the following given skill set and specifications:

  • Exceptionally strong communication skills, interpersonal skills and a friendly disposition.
  • Good leadership skills, excellent managerial skills and organization abilities.
  • Computer skills and strong mathematical skills.
  • Good accounting abilities, financial knowledge and ability to interact with children.
  • A keen eye for bringing about improvements in a facility while staying within the budget.
  • Well informed, knowledgeable about industry trends and ability to adapt to changes.

Preschool assistant director Education and Qualification

The following are some of the educational qualifications needed by a Preschool assistant director:

  • A high school diploma or certification from a state accredited school is a must and most basic educational requirement.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any subject, preferably childhood development, accounting or any other related subject is also a compulsory requirement.

Preschool assistant director Salary

A preschool assistant director is likely to earn an average hourly salary of $12.89.  The exact figure may depend upon the location of the school and other related factors.

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