Press Photographer Job Description

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Press Photographer Job Profile and Description

A press photographer or a photojournalist is an individual whose duty is to capture live events and make use of hi-tech cameras and video cameras for shooting events of press importance. These photos and videos are then published in newspapers, magazines or are shown over news channels. To become a press photographer, a person should be familiar with cameras and must also have an interest in the field of journalism.

Press Photographer Duties and Responsibilities

The following are some of the major duties and responsibilities of a press photographer:

  • A press photographer is responsible for using a wide range of cameras, video cameras and other equipments to conduct photography.
  • He/she is responsible for not only capturing of the images and videos but also storing them and then editing them according to the requirements of the business.
  • He/she is also responsible for finding interesting news pieces and then visiting the location or site for the assignment.
  • A press photographer is also required to report to the boss and take orders and instructions.

Press Photographer Skills and Specifications

A person who wants to be a press photographer must possess the following given skills and specifications:

  • A press photographer must be comfortable with using cameras and video cameras and should have the technical proficiency which is required for this job.
  • Another skill which a press photographer must possess is attentiveness and dedication for the job at hand.
  • He/she must be extremely comfortable with photo editing software programs such as Photoshop because a major part of this job requires editing of the photos and videos.
  • A press photographer must have good communication and interpersonal skills as he needs to communicate with different people during work.
  • The candidate must be ready to work for long hours when needed.

Press Photographer Education and Qualifications

The following are some of the educational qualifications which a press photographer must possess:

  • Postsecondary education is a must for any person who wishes to be a press photographer.
  • An associate or bachelors degree is photography may also be a compulsory requirement if the photographer is working for a large company but in case of freelance press photographers, this is not a compulsory requirement.
  • Any degree, diploma or certificate in the field of journalism or photography will provide an added advantage.

Press Photographer Salary

A person working as a press photographer is likely to earn an average median salary of $60000. The salary may vary depending upon the project, skill and experience of the candidate.

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