Public Health Educator Job Description

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Public Health Educator Job Profile and Description

Public Health Educators are those who help in promoting healthy lifestyles and educating the people about the health issues. These people educate on matters like nutrition and wellness food safety, child care, prenatal care. They also impart knowledge on prevention of sexually transmitted disease, parenting family planning etc. A public health educator is one who plans, implements and evaluates different types of health education programs in order to determine different types of impacts and outcomes.

Public Health Educator Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducting periodic assessments on community health for determining which health issues have to be addressed.
  • Organizing community groups and volunteering in order to address health issues and problems of health disparities.
  • Writing health education materials and curriculum and planning for wellness programs.
  • Obtaining funding in order to implement health education programs and other types of health projects.
  • Teaching in colleges if the health educators come with advanced degrees.
  • Working as consultants, grant writers for different agencies.
  • Helping in the implementation of health care reform and different types of preventive health strategies.

Public Health Educator Job Skills and Specifications

  • Responsible
  • Awareness about different matters pertaining to public health
  • Good amount of knowledge about biology, physiology
  • Certified
  • Ability to educate people on health issues

Public Health Educator Education and Qualifications

  • A bachelors or masters degree in public health education or closely related degree area is essential
  • Knowledge of different areas like nursing, exercise and sports science, nutrition, biology etc are imperative

Public Health Educator Job Salary

The salary of these professionals depends on the setting and the geographical location. At entry level positions these people may earn $29,000 per year.


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