Publishing Director Job Description

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Publishing Director Job Profile and Description

Publishing Director of a publishing house can be of different stature depending on the size of the organization.

The publishing director of a publishing house is almost like its owner; hence, whatever be the size of the company, the duties of the publishing directors are ample. Though they are removed from the task of looking after the petty day- to- day developments, they bear the entire responsibility of running the company.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Determining the type of books and articles that the publishing house would publish. Much depends on the choice that he makes for it makes the company‚Äôs progress.
  • Ensuring that the publications that are being made meet the standard of industrial excellence, which is needed to make the company reach great heights of success.
  • Participating in the line editing and copyediting of the manuscripts. But then this is mostly done in small publishing houses.
  • Supervising the different teams of employees in the publishing house. From editors to lawyers, accountants to clerical staff all are supervised by the publishing director himself.
  • Looking after matters related to production of a book and every other factor associated with it.

Skills and Specifications

  • Adequate expertise pertaining to the publishing world.
  • Great skills in vision and acquisition.
  • Eye for proof reading.
  • Good marketing skills.
  • Great communication skills.

Education and Qualifications

  • Advanced degree in literature, journalism, mass communications with strong grasp over English.
  • Knowledge of editing, copyediting, reviewing write ups is added advantages.

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