Records Management Job Description

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Records Management Job Profile and Description

The records manager is responsible for managing an organization’s records effectively and appropriately. Different types of records prove to be an important source of information in all the organizations thus needs for record manager is also very important.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The records manager is responsible for handling all of the organization’s records.
  • He has to plan the development of records management and make sure that the protecting, filing and retrieving of records happen in a standardized manner.
  • He is responsible for maintaining all records and reports that are contained on paper, computer, microfilm and other media in the organization.
  • He has to coordinate and supervise those departments which are involved in report analysis, records management analysis, and clerical micrographics.
  • He has to store, arrange, index and classify records.
  • He has to maintain the records in a way so as to meet the requirements of the legal, financial and administrative departments.
  • He has to hold regular conferences with the supervisors of their departments to ensure compliance with the organization’s practices, procedure and policies.
  • He has to involve himself in developing better means of maintaining records.
  • He may also have to advise senior management regarding ways of managing data better.

Skills and Specifications

  • The records manager has to possess high organizational skills as he will be responsible for maintaining the records of a whole organization.
  • Very good indexing qualities are also a must to be successful in this profession.
  • He should have good administrative skills as well.
  • He should have good communication and interpersonal skills because he will be dealing with staff from other departments on a regular basis.
  • He should have good technological skills and should be able to use the computer well.

Education and Qualifications

A person who wants to shine in the field of records management needs to have a minimum Associate’s degree. Possession of a Bachelor’s degree opens up better options.

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