Regional HR Manager Job Description

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Regional HR Manager Job Profile and Description

Most companies have an HR head overseeing an HR team posted at the head office of the company, but there are some companies who have diverse human resources and need a Regional HR Manager to look after HR functions of a particular geographical area or a particular division of the company and report the national HR Head.

Regional HR Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • A regional HR manager is expected to lay out policies and principles suitable for a particular location or division of the company in accordance with the overall company policies.
  • Being a regional HR manager you would be expected to interact with the employees in that region and look after their welfare effectively. You’d be required to report back to the central HR team and also consult them should there be any regional discrepancy that you cannot handle.
  • The biggest challenge lies in dealing with employee problems and scouting for local talent, because you’d be expected to be closer to the employees and their job functions compared to the head HR.

Regional HR Manager Job Skills and Specifications

  • You should be skilled enough to promptly solve all employee problems in that area.
  • You would also be expected to fill up vacancies in that area fast and also employ company best practices and policies seamlessly in your region.

Regional HR Manager Job Education and Qualifications

  • You need to have a degree or diploma in Human Resource management in order to qualify for the role.
  • Apart from a degree holder you are also expected to be an efficient communicator with strong business acumen.

Regional HR Manager Salary

  • A regional HR manager could earn handsomely depending on experience and performance
  • You could take home a pay packet of $6000 – $15000 per month depending on the region and the company.

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