Restaurant General Manager Job Description

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Restaurant General Manager Job Profile and Description

Restaurant general manager as suggested by the title is one of the key managerial positions in the restaurant industry. This particular profile is a mix of managerial, organisational, functional and marketing functions. This individual in other words has to oversee the entity as a whole i.e. all the segments that make up the restaurant business.

There are many duties and responsibilities associated with this position and hence the individual must be well qualified as well as skilled for the work profile. Below given are more details about the post.

Restaurant General Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities that come under the restaurant general manager profile include the following:

  • Surveying the restaurant demands and hence developing the business plan in conformity with the customer needs, completion and other aspects of the market.
  • Prepare proper financial plans or budgets for the restaurant business and establish rules to follow the budget.
  • Accessing employment needs and make hiring accordingly.
  • Assign employees to jobs as per suitability and ensure proper training is being provided.
  • Establishing business relations and maintain them for the benefit of the business.
  • Put in place proper policies and procedures to be followed by everyone who is a part of the respective restaurant business.

Restaurant General Manager Skills and Specifications

To be successful as a restaurant general manager the individual must be or have following skills:

  • Being people person takes one a long way in the hospitality industry.
  • Great communication skills and a confident conduct
  • A good personality to go with an adjusting attitude
  • Ability work well under pressure or in quick fix situations
  • Amazing interpersonal, organisation and managerial skills to take on the restaurant operations.
  • A sharp planning mind and team leader qualities
  • Motivational skills

Restaurant General Manager Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications for the restaurant general manager are:

  • High school diploma
  • A bachelor’s degree in any or a related field like management, hotel management etc.
  • Though a bachelor degree adds to the abilities, it is not always essential. There are many diploma and certificate courses which provide with required knowledge to hold the profile.
  • The individuals must have some training and definitely some experience in the industry before they are allowed to take on the position of restaurant general manager.

Restaurant General Manager Salary

Depending largely upon the size of the restaurant business (i.e. a local single unit to chain of restaurant etc.) the general manager may earn a salary anywhere between $29,450 and $62,400 .

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