Retail Management Job Description

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Retail Management Job Profile and Description


The retail manager is someone who is responsible for running the retail stores and departments of the company he is working for. He is also responsible for meeting the company’s objectives with respect to profit maximization.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The retail manager has to take full responsibility of the retail store he has been assigned to.
  • He has to manage the team under him and motivate them to increase sales and efficiency.
  • He has to care of stocks and make decisions about stock control.
  • He has to analyze and study sales figures of his retail store and ensure profit maximization.
  • He has to oversee the activities of data entry performed by staff under him.
  • He has to ensure that product and service quality in his retail store are met according to the company’s standards.
  • He has to ensure that all the complaints of his customers are met and resolved with efficiency.
  • He is responsible for organizing ways of promoting the retail store.
  • He has to gain as much knowledge about competition and market trends as he can.
  • He has to initiate changes that will improve the business of the retail store.
  • He has to supervise the staff working under him and ensure that their requirements, including promotions, work environment, etc. are met.

Skills and Specifications

  • Very good organizational, management and leadership skills are a must to be successful as a retail manager.
  • He has to possess very good interpersonal and verbal communication skills.
  • He has to have strong administrative skills as he has to supervise the running of the whole retail store.

Education and Qualifications

A retail manager should have a Bachelor’s degree. A person with MBA in marketing and other related field will have an edge over the others. A certificate in the related field, such as logistics, clothing, finance or information technology is an added advantage.

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