Roofer Job Description

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Roofer Profile and Description

Roofers have the task of installing new roofs and repairing those roofs that are already constructed but are in bad shape. Often roofs consist of leaks or other problems which are fixed by the roofers. These people have to deal with a lot of danger for they run the risk of slipping and falling from the roof. These people mostly work in summer months than in winter months and in both residential and commercial and residential fields. The duties and responsibilities of the roofers are described below.

Roofer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Inspecting different composition of roofing tiles and metal roofs in order to detect and deal with leaks.
  • Removing old roofs, installing roof insulation and performing all repairs in order to deal with leaking and damaged roofs.
  • Installing composition shingles, flashing, slate shingles and roofing tiles to the roofs.
  • Applying cold process roof coatings and erecting rigging.
  • Determining materials that are required for carrying out the repairing of roof, flashing of the repairs, and the installation of new roofs.
  • Supervising other workmen and their work in carrying out the repair and replacement of roofs.

Roofer Skills and Specifications

  • Good knowledge of the tools, equipment, materials etc
  • Awareness about different techniques of roof repair and installation.
  • Ability to work at great heights and inclined surfaces.
  • Ability to supervise others.
  • Should be able to understand oral and written instructions efficiently.

Roofer Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree from a standard vocational or high school.
  • Good amount of experience in roofing operations.

Roofer Salary

Median wages for stucco masons and plasterers in 2008 were $20.01 per hour. However, their wages often fluctuate in relation to the state, economy, the industry in which they are working.

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