Sales Account Assistant Job Description

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Sales Account Assistant Job Profile and Description

A Sales Account Assistant assists the Sales Account Manager to achieve sales targets by providing administrative and coordinating duties. He or she works closely with the Sales Account Manager to investigate sales opportunities, tracking them and reporting about them. The Sales Account Assistant is a junior entry level job. Those who are diligent in their duties can expect to go higher up in the ladder and reach the senior level position in the company.

Sales Account Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The major duties and responsibilities of a Sales Account Assistant are:

  • Maintains industry database of prospective accounts or clients.
  • Assists in sales promotional activities and maintains the data related to such activities.
  • Writes reports of such sales campaigns and promotional activities.
  • Maintains a correspondence with the clients and answers queries pertaining to services offered by the company underdirection of the Sales Account Manager.
  • Preparing Sales Tracking reports and providing data on projected versus actual sales.
  • Preparing monthly reports by inputting the data of clients approached and follow up activities.
  • Preparing sales presentation reports by compiling data and analysing it.
  • Assists the Sales Account Manager in client mapping.
  • Fixes appointments with the clients and coordinates between the Sales Manager and the client/ account.
  • Communicates information with clients and the Manager.

Sales Account Assistant Skills and Specification

The skills and specifications of the Sales Account Assistant are:

  • A proactive person who takes initiatives and performs duties.
  • Able to make presentations and keep data on computer as well as be able to convert graphs and data to written reports.
  • Be able to work in tight schedules and achieve deadlines.
  • Be able to manage his time efficiently.
  • Should have excellent communication skills, and be able to exchange ideas and information with clients as well as the Sales Manager.
  • Be able to work methodically.
  • Have excellent organizational skills.
  • Should be able to work at more than a single project at the same time.
  • Proficiency in more than one language is also highly desirable.

Sales Account Assistant Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications of a Sales Account Assistant are:

  • A Bachelors’ Degree in sales or marketing or any related business field.
  • A Diploma or Certificate in Sales Management.

Sales Account Assistant Salary

The salary of a Sales Account Assistant is US $ 48,644 to US $ 52000. The salary varies depending upon several factors like skills and qualifications of the candidate, work profile, type of organisation and others.

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