Sales and Marketing Job Description

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Sales and Marketing Job Profile and Description


The sales and marketing executive is responsible for handling the sales and marketing of the products or services of the organization he has been hired by.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The sales and marketing executive is responsible for bringing in the revenue of the organization. It is his job to market and sell the product or service to the customer and garner profits.
  • He has to take part in developing the marketing strategy of the product with the help of other departments of the organization.
  • He has to help in product placement.
  • He has to deal directly with end consumers if the need arises.
  • He has to coordinate all promotional, marketing and advertising activities.
  • He has to take part in customer feedback surveys and work out ways to garner higher profits.
  • He has to regularly liaison with advertising and media.
  • He has to reach the target sales set up by his supervisor.
  • He has to take part in sales meetings and present reports about the sales and marketing figures.
  • He may have to be involved in pricing strategy.

Skills and Specifications

  • A sales and marketing executive needs to possess excellent verbal and written communication skills to succeed in this profession.
  • He has to have very good selling skills and should have a pleasing personality.
  • He should be persuasive, adaptable, innovative and problem – solving.
  • He should have good formal presentation skills as he may have to present his product or service to a group of people.
  • His stress-tolerance levels should be high as this profession is highly competitive.

Education and Qualifications

A professional degree in business or marketing is highly desirable for sales and marketing executives. Alternatively, a Bachelor’s degree in any stream is the minimum educational qualification required.

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