School Administrator Job Description

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School Administrator Job profile and description

A school administrator is hired in public school and the person is also known as school principal. A school administrator is responsible for taking care of the overall school regarding its staff, students, management, policies and all other factors.

Duties and Responsibilities

?     He has to co- ordinate with all departments including administration department, teachers and students.

?     He has to look into the student performance records and invite parents for meetings after results or at starting of new session of class.

?     A school administrator has to take care of problems and issues encountered by students and teachers in school premises and class.

?     He is responsible for recruiting new teachers and interviewing new students at the time of admission.

?     He has to direct the teaching staff regarding new policy implementations and he has to attend monthly meetings with teachers to discuss new points for growth of school.

?     He needs to place advertisements of school in print media to invite more students.

?     He is answerable for any school mismanagement and any issue related to students.

Skills and Specifications

  • A school administrator must have good motivational skills as he is required to counsel teachers and parents
  • He must have good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • He should have pleasing personality.
  • He must be committed towards the growth of education and students.
  • He should be capable of working in stressful situations and for long hours.
  • It is very necessary for a school administrator to have good management and problem solving skills.
  • A school administrator must keep himself updated with the latest education policies.

Education and Qualification

To serve as a school administrator, a candidate should be a post graduate in any stream along with teaching certification from any accredited institution. He must also have good experience in teaching as well.

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