Security Field Supervisor Job Description

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Security Field Supervisor Job Profile and Description

A security field supervisor is employed by firms and organizations to observe the execution and operation of the particular block and manage related activities. The supervisor needs to oversee all major and minor aspects in the respective field and handle them in an organized and efficient manner. A security field supervisor spends maximum portion of his work hours inspecting systems and methodologies that are executed by the firm.

The details and specifications of each of such processes need to be recorded and used for future references. Security and law and order issues are the prime concern and hence, effective formal training courses need to be provided prior to induction of supervisors in the job sectors. Security field supervisors must not only perform their standard and set duties, but also make efforts to devise new and advanced techniques and equipments that help enforce better safety mechanisms and standards.

Security Field Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities generally required to be handled by a security field supervisor are:

  • The most important job responsibility of a security field supervisor is to thoroughly study each individual aspect and system under notice and perform a thorough survey of corresponding details. The security issues need to be correctly identified in the process.
  • Inspection of factories and sites at regular intervals is an essential duty that must be performed, without fail.
  • The reports and documents need to be studied thoroughly to identify the risk factors and their potential sources, so as to ensure adoption of proper prevention and avoidance techniques.
  • It is the duty of a security field supervisor to ensure that the field activities are conducted in strict adherence to the State rules and regulations, and the government laws are sincerely followed.
  • Security field supervisors often need to train juniors regarding security issues, create awareness among employees and members, conduct rallies and events related to the field of work.

Security Field Supervisor Skills and Specifications

  • Strong observation skills and aptitude are necessary.
  • Analytical and logical abilities are required, and a problem-solving approach helps supervisors excel at their jobs.
  • Flexibility at work is appreciated.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking and creative abilities are highly recommended.
  • A supervisor must have appreciable interpersonal skills so as to interact effectively with employees and ensure security at various levels as per requirements.

Security Field Supervisor Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of a security field supervisor have been given below:

  • High school degree is compulsory.
  • Bachelor’s degree or graduation is optional, although diploma in an area of choice is generally preferred.
  • The candidate must pursue any State approved training course corresponding to the area of security field jobs from any registered institute.
  • Licensure is often required in certain companies.

Security Field Supervisor Salary

The average annual salary of a security field supervisor lies in the range of $42,000 – $56,000. Supervisors having more years of experience and with better supervisory skills that excel the performance of their contemporaries are likely to bag better pay packages.

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