Security Officer Job Description

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Security Officer Job Profile and Description

The job of a Security Officer is a highly specialized position for supervising and managing the Security Unit of an installation or premises which he heads. He is totally responsible to insure the safety and security of human beings, valuable materials, and classified documents pertaining to the premises.

Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the important duties are:-

  • To efficiently supervise and manage the Security Personnel under his Unit.
  • To train the Security Personnel in all security drills and security procedures laid down in the Standing Orders.
  • To act as Liaison between the Security Unit and Administration Manager of the Facility.
  • Maintain Liaison with local Police Station, Fire Station and nearest Hospital.
  • Attend Weekly Meetings of the Management of the Facility as Security Rep.
  • To prepare Weekly Duty Rosters of the personnel detailed on duty in each Shift and promulgate the same in the Notice Board.
  • To make periodic ‘Rounds’ of Sentry Posts to check alertness and compliance of Standing Orders.
  • To periodically inspect serviceability of fire fighting equipment and Fire Tenders.
  • Inspect the log of entry and exit of personnel, materials, vehicles and stores at the commencement of his duty and at the end of his duty.
  • Be totally accountable for all eventualities in his Security Unit.

Skills and Specifications

  • Be always alert and ready to deal with security emergencies.
  • Have Nose for suspicious characters, movements and dangerous situations.
  • Look after the administration, welfare and man-management of his Security Unit.

Education and Qualifications

  • Preferably College Under- graduate.
  • Training in computers, if dealing with security codes, passwords for entry/exit.
  • Training in Fire Fighting, First Aid and Life Saving drills.
  • Previous experience in security unit is essential.

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