Security Service Manager Job Description

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Security Service Manager Job Profile and Description

A security service manager is professionally responsible for managing security and lawful standards, as specified by the governing agencies of the State, within the organization he/she may be associated with. It is also important for the individual to understand the security standards that apply to the associates of the organization as well.

A person holding the said position at work must be thoroughly aware of the conditions that may arise at the work-front which would require his services, and it is important to act accordingly. Emergency and security issues are extremely sensitive by nature and understanding the momentum of the situation and implementing effective strategies is vital. More than education, formal training is essential for making a security service manager excel at his job.

Security Service Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The specific duties and responsibilities required to be handled by a Security Service Manager include:

  • It is the primary duty of a security service manager to manage all security operations in the area assigned to him.
  • A security service manager is responsible for implementing techniques and methodologies that help implement security conditions and enforce law and order systems throughout.
  • Development of security systems is an important duty of security service managers.
  • Security service managers must have thorough knowledge of the State rules and regulations and work towards proper enforcement of the standards, as set by the government laws.
  • It is the security service manager’s responsibility to perform proper assessment of security services and evaluate systems in details, and report them to higher authorities as and when needed.
  • Develop training programs and instill an environment of efficient security services.

Security Service Manager Skills and Specifications

  • It is extremely essential to possess thorough knowledge and have clear understanding of the general law and order and security issues. Specific activities corresponding to the area of work also need to be learnt and thoroughly practiced.
  • Formal training in handling security equipments is necessary.
  • It is required for all candidates to have an analytical bent of mind and a logical approach towards work.
  • Communication skills and qualities such as team spirit and sportsmanship are extremely important in these jobs.

Security Service Manager Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of a security service manager have been mentioned below:

  • Anybody interested in pursuing a job as Security Service Manager with any company or agency will have to possess a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, Security and Law Enforcement or other related fields of study.
  • Training courses in the specified field have to be attended, under State registered bodies and authentic certification details need to be provided.
  • Work experience or practical and on-the-job training in security, law enforcement, and other related areas can help earn better job positions.
  • Licensure is compulsory for security service manager.

Security Service Manager Salary

The average salary of a security service manager in the US lies in the range of $35,000 – $47,000 per annum. Salaries exceed the upper limit depending on the individual’s performance, years of experience, and other factors related to company norms and standards.

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