Security Shift Supervisor Job Description

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Security shift supervisor Descriptions and Profile

The security supervisors often function in shift duties in order to make the security process function smoothly. They need to make arrangements for weekly offs and shifts of every security personnel in charge of maintaining the security of the organization. Starting from training the new recruits & reporting to the seniors regularly to inspecting every facet of security within the building are the duties of this professional. The main responsibility of a supervisor is to monitor the security officers for enforcing safety programs thereby helping the company to function in accordance to guidelines.

Security shift supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Using the alarm systems, developing and maintaining of a list of the police contacts for safety.
  • Carrying out the duties assigned by Director of Corporate Security.
  • Adapting and innovating constantly in order to derive maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Dealing with different types of people and engaging in report writing.
  • Dealing with different types of incidents whenever required.
  • Offering instructional and managerial duties and maintaining a log of the work done in order to offer the people of next shift some reference.
  • Implementing safety improvements with the aim of benefiting the assets, tenants, visitors and employees of the company.
  • Maintaining the requisite degree of quality standards, meeting the company‚Äôs objectives and ensuring security of the place.
  • Planning and conducting the Safety Awareness Meetings and responding to the security concerns.
  • Developing and maintaining optimistic relations with the employees of the company for smooth functioning of the security conditions of that company.
  • Monitoring and approving both the entrance and exit of everyone with the aim of preventing any case of illegal activities.
  • Calling the emergency units like that of police whenever the safety of the organization is at stake.

Security shift supervisor Training and Qualifications

A high school diploma is needed along with training in security management. Internship as security keepers can be of great help in order to function as the security shift supervisor.

Security shift supervisor Degrees, Courses & Certification

A formal training along with good references, zero police record etc are required in order to be recruited in this profession. Expertise and experience in the security field would help the professional to reach a better position.

Security shift supervisor skills and specifications

  • Knowledge of all security rules and guidelines.
  • Strong analytical and screening skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to take quick and effective decisions
  • Great supervisory abilities
  • Exceptional working stamina and stress tolerance

Security shift supervisor salary/wage

The salary of a security shift supervisor is about $25,000 per annum. However, this salary is not constant; it can vary from one organization to another.

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