Semiconductor Processor Job Description

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Semiconductor Processor Job Profile and Description

Also referred to as Wafer Fabrication Operator in the computer and electronic manufacturing companies, the Semiconductor Processor performs a number of functions in producing microchips in circuits used for electronic and computer hardware for industrial and consumer use.

Semiconductor Processor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manipulate console controls and key commands into automated systems for controlling semiconductor processing cycles.
  • Ensure production levels are in accordance with target volumes per day.
  • Support quality control inspections and work closely with quality assurance engineers to identify wafer surface defects and prescribe correction action plans.
  • Measure circuitry parameters using electronic test equipment, precision measuring instruments and microscope to ensure compliance with standard specifications.
  • Perform end-to-end processing in producing microchip wafers.
  • Study work orders, engineering instructions, processing charts and formulas, to determine sequence of operations and procedure to conform to specifications
  • Participate in productivity and quality control programs.
  • Mentor and guide trainee on the floor in performing minor tasks related to limited aspects of production.

Semiconductor Processor Skills and Specifications

  • Must have suitable understanding of electronics and chemicals, mass production disciplines and quality management
  • Must have detail conscious with strong problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Must have adequate interpersonal skills to work in a team
  • Must have computer literacy in word processing in spreadsheet application

Semiconductor Processor Education and Qualifications

  • An associate or technical school certificate in electronics, mathematics and other sciences is basic
  • 2-3 years of experience in a electronic product manufacturing or related semiconductor production is an advantage

Semiconductor Processor Salary

The median annual salary for Semiconductor Processors was $32,230 in 2008. The middle 50% received between $26,700 and $40,300 with the lowest 10% getting around $22,000 while the top 10% got about $50,400.  The range accounts for the fact that certain industries in some states pay more than others.

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