Server Administrator Job Description

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A server administrator plays a very vital role in national and multinational software companies. He is responsible for designing, installation and optimization of servers and related components to achieve high quality performance of the various applications. He handles configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems related to both hardware and software .he is involved in technical research and development to maintain continued good service to clients. He assists and contributes in project teams with technical issues and guides those working under him. He maintains system standards and ensures proper maintenance of Server backups.

Their daily duties include system monitoring, ensuring the availability of all hardware, server resources, reviewing system and application logs etc. they are also required to perform regular file archival and maintain user accounts as per the clients’ request.  He is involved in upgrading and configuration of system software. He should also provide regular report to the management team and keep them updated, for which he should conduct meetings in regular intervals.

Server Administrator duties and responsibilities

A server administrator is required to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Active Directory management.
  • Building new servers.
  • Checking back up issues.
  • Resolving system space issues.
  • Software configurations.
  • Monitoring Active Directory.
  • Checking event logs.
  • Document any changes in the Active Directory, Backup Selections, User Security etc.
  • Configure data center environmental and monitoring equipment.
  • Patching activity of servers.
  • Monitoring network traffic.
  • Setting up DNS/ IP.
  • Installing a domain controller.
  • Problem management.
  • Performance analysis.

Server Administrator Skills and specifications

A server administrator must have the following skills and specifications:

  • Critical thinking ability.
  • Ability to solve complex problems.
  • Good judgment and decision making skills.
  • Ability to assess performance of self and team members.
  • Good knowledge about trouble shooting.
  • Leadership capability.
  • Efficient and goal driven.
  • Ability to work for long hours.
  • Good communication skill.
  • Good clerical and technical capabilities.
  • Good organizational skill.
  • Pleasing personality.
  • Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies, procedures, and strategies.
  • Ability to motivate team members and keep high team spirits.
  • Persuasive and Good self-control.
  • Updated knowledge about latest developments in software industries and telecommunication world.

Server Administrator Education and qualification

The education and qualification of a server administrator are listed as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science from a reputed university or institution.
  • Diploma in advance server administration.
  • Experience of 3-4 years in a reputed MNC.

Server Administrator Salary

A server administrator can expect to get an annual remuneration of $75,000-$85,000 depending on the company’s payroll policies an

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