Service Management Analyst Job Description

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Service Management Analyst Job Profile and Description

Service management analyst is an individual who has to perform a wide range of functions and duties. These vary in nature from being administrative to being analytical for example they may be required to manage the staff and their operations while also looking for emerging trends by analysing the service management related data. But the most apparent and central purpose of creating this job position is to place someone who will ensure that all the processes and the (support) services/ operations in the organisation are being executed and allocated properly. This individual is also required to study the data and the pattern to make suggestions towards improving the efficiency of the organisations’ operations.

Service Management Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities to be met by the service management analyst are:

  • Ensure that the more important tasks and operations are given priority and that all tasks are handled on priority basis.
  • Develop the policies and plans which will best serve the organisation in respect to its operations, performance and maintenance etc.
  • Put in place clearly defined and unambiguous management support mechanisms to help all of the internal staff perform their duties with ease of reporting and execution.
  • Perform regular analysis of the service management mechanisms and give in tweaks as and when required for the benefit of the organisation as a whole.
  • Divide among the staff the operations, manage them and ensure that all the directions are being followed/ executed with precision.

Service Management Analyst Skills and Specifications

Skills and other work place specifications required to be possessed by the service management analyst are:

  • Have excellent management and organisational skills.
  • Must possess great interpersonal skills to amicably survive in the organisation.
  • Analytical abilities with an inquisitive mind.
  • Be experienced with and have the appropriate knowledge regarding data collection and data analysis.

Service Management Analyst Education and Qualification

Education requirements and qualification for the service management analyst are:

  • An individual must at least possess a bachelor’s level degree in the field of management or related segments.
  • Possessing a master’s level degree will serve as a huge plus, but is not really a necessary requirement.
  • The individual may be required to possess some work experience, though is widely depends from organisation to organisation.

Service Management Analyst Salary

A service management analyst on average may earn an annual salary of $72,000.


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