Service Request Analyst Job Description

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Service Request Analyst Job Profile and Description

The profile is set to provide incidence and problem management support to the respective organisation. The individual employed at this position has to take care of any requests (mostly from customers/ clientele of the organisation) and cater to them. The individual must process the service request and maintain the customer relationships. It is one of the critical job profiles given the competitiveness of the economies and sectors all around.

Service Request Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

The service request analyst is required to meet the below mentioned job duties and job responsibilities.

  • Provide adequate support service corrections/ solutions to the various projects undertaken by the organisation.
  • Take the customer calls and properly record the incident or problem requests addressed by them.
  • Must ensure that the requests launched by the customers are being resolved in as short a period as possible i.e. as quickly as possible.
  • Follow up on the incident request solutions and after solution reports.
  • Analyse the data for all the clients from time to time and provide proper reports.
  • Work in close proximity with the implementation team to ensure all of the solution plans are being implemented properly.
  • Attend the weekly meetings and update all of the management.
  • Based on the requests filed draw any inferences/ suggestions which may help the organisation better satisfy its goals/ targets.

Service Request Analyst Skills and Specifications

A service request analyst must have the below mentioned skills and other specific traits to perform this job.

  • Good verbal and written communication skills and command over the language.
  • Great interpersonal skills and the ability to plan/ organise the operations etc.
  • Problem solving and analytical abilities.
  • Functional even under pressure and particularly in situations that require quick thinking.

Service Request Analyst Education and Qualification

The service request analyst is mostly required to have the below mentioned education and work experience.

  • Relevant bachelor’s level education in the fields of IT or other related fields which may cater to the service request analyst position.
  • Most companies will require the individual to have a prior work experience of at least 1 year in the sector.
  • A relevant master’s level degree will be a positive, though is not a necessity for those seeking such employment.

Service Request Analyst Salary

The average annual salary that a service request analyst may earn is stated to be about $66,000.


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