Social Media Account Manager Job Description

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Social Media Account Manager Job Profile and Description

A Social Media Account Manager holds a very important position in a company in creating brand awareness through various social media. He or she is responsible for implementing the Social Media Strategy of the Company or sometimes even developing it to increase inbound traffic and encourage the adoption of the company’s product.

A Social Media Account Manager works closely with the sales and marketing team of the company in implementing the missions they undertake and give a unanimity in the message that is put across through the social media network.

Social Media Account Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a Social Media Account Manager will involve

  • Creating, developing and maintaining new campaigns for marketing endeavours of the company.
  • Drive brand promotion campaigns on various social media sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or Google +.
  • Monitor the progress of the campaigns with the help of web analytic tools.
  • Answer directly  to inquiries that are posted on the sites
  • Continuously create new content and ideas and establish the effectiveness of these ideas.
  • Keeping abreast of the shifts in public attention towards different media and taking efforts to keep up with upgrading the current media strategy to match new trends.
  • Work closely with the marketing and PR team in the company to understand their initiatives and goals and adopt ways to give unanimity of voice on the sites.

Social Media Account Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Above average writing skills and knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in writing.
  • Should have problem solving skills to analyse the best possible way to communicate the company’s message and campaigns on social media sites. The may sometimes have to deal with sensitive issues and angry customers who post on the sites.
  • A Social Media Account Manger needs to be approachable and have inter personal skills, as they will be dealing directly with customers and general public on the sites.
  • Most importantly, a Social Media Account Manager has to be tech savvy as the nature of their work makes them constantly be on the computer. A knowledge of latest trends and development in the online arena, and an idea about various tools for optimization of viewership of the company through the social media is also necessary.

Social Media Account Manager Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications to become a Social Media Account Manager are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in PR, Marketing, Computer science or any such related field.
  • A previous experience in social and digital media with a demonstrated experience in measuring social media presence.

Social Media Account Manager Salary

A Social Media Account Manager can expect to make around US $ 52000 to US$55,000 annually.

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