Social Services Job Descriptions

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Serving the society without expecting anything in return is one of the noblest tasks known. Most of the times social service is voluntary but sometimes people take up jobs related to serving of the society. A social service job can differ from the other depending upon the nature of work. Mostly social workers help in developing, organizing and resolving problems.

A career in the social service field is not always too easy and can be challenging at times. It requires a lot of responsibilities and duties to be fulfilled. To organize programs or workshops that help in preventing and resolving problems of the society is one of the most important and vital roles that a social worker has to do. Other than that his/her duties include conducting seminars or little interactive sessions with people involved in substance abuse and working on the human relationships, rehabilitation and day care of the people who require these services.

There is no proper education eligibility criterion that needs to be fulfilled by the person opting for a social service job. But there can be certain qualifications or knowledge requirements such as:

  • Command over the mother tongue used in the area or country of the social service program.
  • Good communication skills required to get your point across.
  • Knowledge of methods and techniques used for therapy and counseling.

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