Soil Scientist Job Description

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Soil Scientist Job Profile and Description

A soil scientist is chiefly involved with testing the soil quality of a particular place. This job position is very crucial because everything from the nature of the crops to be grown to the kind of construction that can be done are related to the various parameters used to judge soil quality like soil density. Such an individual needs to have a solid educational base, especially in physics, biology and chemistry. This is a challenging job and it involves long travels and field work.

Soil Scientist Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a soil scientist will involve:

  • A soil scientist has to determine the nature of the soil and how it will affect drainage, water retention, building foundation, development and growth and so on. Thus the first major responsibility of the soil scientist is to examine the quality of soil at a place with various parameters and submit a report to the concerned authorities.
  • A soil scientist also predicts the nature of crops to be grown at a place, the kind of irrigation facilities which have to be employed, and the seasonal changes in the soil and therefore is always an important part of government committees.
  • The soil scientist is in charge of making maps of the various soil types found in a country or a region, and classifying them accordingly.

Soil Scientist Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of a soil scientist include:

  • A soil scientist needs to be updated on the latest governmental policies on land, agriculture, infrastructure, building, construction and so on. Therefore, the legal training which is needed usually forms a part of the overall course structure of a soil scientist.
  • The soil scientist needs the skill and ability to withstand long hours of field work even in places that are not conducive to work.
  • The soil scientist must have good observation skills.
  • He should also have excellent computer skills since soil mapping now is entirely done through the help of very sophisticated software.

Soil Scientist Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a soil scientist are as follows:

  • High school diploma or equivalent GED
  • Bachelor of science degree in Soil Science
  • Certification from the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)

Soil Scientist Salary

An average salary of a soil scientist is around 80,000USD if he is associated with a governmental organization. Generally the salary varies between 60,000 to 90,000USD per annum.

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