Strategy Analyst Job Description

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Strategy Analyst Job Profile and Description

Strategy is the determination of the basic long term goals and objectives, and the adaptation of the courses of action and the allocation of resources necessary for carrying out goals. The goal of the strategy analysis mechanisms like formal analysis is to increase specificity in business operations, especially when long term and high stake activities are involved. One of the core goals when drafting a strategic analysis is to develop it in a way so that it is easily transferable into action plans. The Strategy analyst acts as a key input to organizations acting both as an advisor and an expert for ongoing concern and unforeseen business opportunities. The job also involves target client mapping, target account planning, data modeling, customer profitability and departmental strategy.

Strategy Analyst’s Duties and Responsibilities

To generate and maintain the adequate process and databases for gathering economical, building sector and product macro and micro knowledge, follow up analyses, diffusion and competitive intelligence.

To create informed and timely dossiers with options for ad-hoc projects and requests needed by the immediate management.

To assure the quality and standards and promote the strategic planning process. To seek inputs, collaboration, and information of all the functions involved in the key functions of the strategic planning.

Research, collecting information in markets, competition, analysis, defining information, updating databases.

To provide timely updated information relevant to the project.

To support the process and the project team with accurate tailored analysis.

To assure consistency, coherency and quality of the information and support hypothesis.

Strategy Analyst Skills and Specifications

Should be able to research about information.

Should be able to think creatively and laterally.

Should have analyses capability.

Should have syntheses capabilities.

Should have organizational skills, planning and self timing of initiatives.

Should be able to build a network internally.

Should be able to inspire trust and knowledge ability.

Should be autonomous and self sufficient.

Strategy Analyst Education and Qualification

Should have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent experience in human resource, finance or accounting disciplines.

Proficiency in handling databases and analytics background.

Exceptional analytical approach to problem solving and experience collaborating with cross-functional business teams.

Strong written and verbal communication skills, and a desire to learn, grow and contribute.

Strategy Analyst Salary

In accordance with the national data salary, the salary of a strategic analyst is somewhere in between $47,893-$92,846.


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