Surgical Coordinator Job Description

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Surgical Coordinator Job Profile and Description

A surgical coordinator needs to manage a plethora of duties and function in variety of circumstances, for there is no fixed region where he needs to perform. The surgery he needs to coordinate may be an orthopedic or a cardiac one, or some gynecological surgery, or of any other nature, and it is the coordinator’s duty to manage each of them effectively.

It can thus be rightly said that a surgical coordinator acts as the most vital point of contact between patients, surgical technicians, assistants, and surgeons, for he is the one who coordinates the entire process and each individual’s activity.

Surgical Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

The variety of duties and responsibilities required to be handled by a surgical coordinator include:

  • The first and foremost duty of a surgical coordinator is to coordinate all the activities that form part of the specific surgery. Starting from the patient’s appointment with the surgeon to fixing a plausible date of surgery, to preparing the patient as on the particular day, performing examinations prior to surgery, producing the test reports for analysis, taking the patient to the operation theater – all these need to be organized and arranged perfectly by the surgical coordinator.
  • The medications to be applied on and to the patient, their ability or inability to react to treatment before and after surgery, etc. need to be understood and reported to particular professionals by the surgical coordinator.
  • The surgical coordinator needs to interact with other professionals, technicians and surgical assistants, to ensure that the area and the environment are prepared properly.
  • Surgical coordinators need to deal with a number of patients and manage their appointments with a single surgeon in various slots.
  • It is the responsibility if the surgical coordinator to keep track of all patients and corresponding surgical records, for all future references.

Surgical Coordinator Skills and Specifications

  • Love and care for patients must come naturally; the job of a surgical coordinator cannot be defined specifically for he needs to handle a variety of responsibilities, hence, the underlining concept that links all his duties is his dedication towards serving patients.
  • Strong interpersonal skills; motivational and inspiring nature helps surgical coordinators excel at their jobs.
  • Organizational skills are very important.
  • A brief but clear overview of the medical issues and surgical concepts need to be possessed.

Surgical Coordinator Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of a surgical coordinator are as follows:

  • High school degree and graduation degrees may be possessed.
  • Hands-on training experience and corresponding certification(s) are required. Formal training courses need to be undertaken.
  • Nursing courses or such other programs or even workshops may be undertaken or attended by aspiring candidates.
  • No specific license requirements.

Surgical Coordinator Salary

The average salary of a surgical coordinator is $16.77 per hour. Surgical coordinators with more years of experience, or those in better health care units and organizations may earn higher salaries.

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