Taxi Driver Job Description

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Taxi Driver Job Profile and Description

Taxi drivers are people who transport common people from place to place for a hire. The amount of hire may depend on distance travelled; one time fixed payment or zone wise flat rates. Riders can hire taxis by calling cab agencies which in turn contact the drivers via two ways radios, cell phones, computers etc and fix the taxi ride.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A taxi driver has to pick his cab from garages before the start of his shift and check fuel levels, brakes, controls etc properly.
  • He has to fill the trip sheets with all required information before starting off.
  • He must have expertise in handling his vehicle and should be able to repair at-least small incidental damages within short amount of time.
  • He must have a thorough knowledge of his city’s road map.
  • He must be aware of shortest routes to important places such as stations, airports etc.

Skills and Specifications

  • A taxi driver must be sincere and responsible person and should avoid rash driving even if the customer insists.
  • He must professionally and pleasantly conduct himself, especially with tourists, so that it makes a favorable impression of his city.
  • He must obey all traffic rules.
  • He should make his customers aware of his fare collection policies e.g. extra fare for luggage etc beforehand.

Education and Qualifications

Taxi drivers need a valid driving license which are specific to this job and should have undergone all the necessary trainings and tests.  It is usually enough for drivers to have a high school qualification. They must be older than some minimum age limit, usually 21. They must pass all tests pertaining to criminal background, drug abuse or alcohol consumption and also should have good driving records. They might be required to clear several written and practical exams regarding safe driving, disaster management etc. 

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