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Teacher Job Profile and Description

A teacher is someone charged with the duty of educating other people. There are cases whereby a teacher educates a single student and in such a case the teacher is correctly referred to as a tutor.

A teacher educates or teachers his/her students from a school or a designated place. It can also be at the student’s home especially if it’s a single student or a few students.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that correct and clear standards of practice are set out.
  • Charged with the provision of continuous education and learning of teachers.
  • A teacher should be able to conduct investigations on complaints involving members of the institution and consequently pass a fair judgment on the persons involved without any ill agenda.
  • Charged with listening to cases of misconduct and then taking professional yet sympathetic measures to cater for the student needs.
  • Posses an in-depth knowledge of the subject in order to be able to handle questions from the students.
  • Generous with his/her advice and guidance to the students.
  • Be partial and promote equal opportunities amongst the students
  • Be able to pass the passion for the subject onto the students in an interesting, clear and concise manner.
  • Be able to identify students’ weaknesses and able to plan a strategy to assist them with it.
  • Should promote and instigate easy communication amongst the students.
  • She/he must not give false advice but a constructive and accurate one.
  • Be able to disseminate information in a correct way as he/she delivers the lesson. Should also be able to get students actively involved in the class by asking questions as well as answering those asked in class.
  • Should be able to give the students an environment to learn on their own without putting them in a box and saying…you belong here because of your age, etc.
  • Be inspiring, patient and must not speak from high stand point, meaning that a teacher should be as educative as possible.

Skills and Specifications

  • A teacher must have studied pedagogy, the science of teaching,
  • Must have obtained specialized education and knowledge which he is to teach his students.
  • Must possess codes of ethics and internal monitoring.

Education and Qualifications

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Education

A degree in Educational Psychology.



Teacher Job Descriptions

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