Technical Administrator Job Description

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Technical Administrator Job Profile and Description

A technical administrator is one who provides technical and administrative support and guidance to the project team. The technical administrator has responsibilities in design, planning and technical issues of the project from the start to finish.

The technical administrator prepares the important paperwork for client meetings and also helps in the technical filing and keeps a track of the changes that are made to suit the growing needs of the clients. He takes care of the telephone communication with statuary authorities, consultancies, site staff and purchases. He supports the Technical Analyst in the implementation of new business.

Technical Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

  • He must input and generate data for the sales and marketing computer system and must also monitor the production of such information from time to time.
  • The candidate must undertake research on behalf of the technical team on all design, planning and technical issues.
  • Must arrange meetings on behalf of the technical team and liaise with external consultants to monitor incoming and outgoing information on behalf of the technical team.
  • Technical administrator must assemble enquiries to services and utility companies and ensure that the responses are received on time.
  • He must also take telephone queries and questions to deal with or pass them to the relevant members of the technical team.
  • He must be able to prepare the important paperwork for client meetings and plan technical filing on the business system.
  • The candidate must ensure that any business conducted is done in a responsible and compliant manner meeting all legislative requirements both internally and externally.
  • He must implement new ideas and methods and continue to seek ways of both improving contribution to the organisation’s goals and enhancing the reputation of the company.
  • Manage the approval process for invoices and ensure project fee sheet records are updated.

Technical Administrator Skills and Specifications

  • He must have administration or secretarial experience with good communication skills and a good aptitude with attention to detail.
  • Great working relationships are an essential part of this post, both internal and external relationships should be focused on.

Technical Administrator Education and Qualifications

  • A basic Bachelors degree is mandatory.
  • A Masters in Business Administration.
  • Work experience and training as a member of a technical team or administrate  officer for 2-3 years.
  • In addition excellent analytical and mathematical skills along with a keen eye for business are needed.

Technical Administrator Salary   

The salary for a Technical Administrator varies from $20,000- $32,000 per annum.

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