Technical Artist Job Description

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Technical Artist Job Profile and Description

The main role of a technical artist is to help the artists and designers to get their content into the game with the least pain possible and help the engineers and artists to communicate fluidly. Technical Artists must know what a healthy art pipeline looks like and must help to make sure that content creators have the tools and support necessary to do their jobs.

This profile is an amalgamation of technical knowledge and creativity that helps in designing new games and programs. They need to keep their knowledge updated in term of hardware and latest techniques used in gaming and designing, because this particular field keeps changing its technology and trends every now and then.

Technical Artist Duties and Responsibilities

 A technical artist performs different roles at one time.

  • Technical artists basically provide the technical support to its entire team.
  • They use programming and then designing the key features of the game.
  • Technical artists set up a procedure to develop the content along with various graphics.
  • They manage and coordinate the risk feature as well as the reward feature.
  • Technical artist detect and diagnose any defect in the game.
  • They help in the entire designing process starting from the conception of the idea till the final release of the games.
  • They also oversee the entire project by giving their valuable feedback and helping in designing the skeleton of the characters

Technical Artist Skills and Specifications

  • A technical artist must be an organised and highly dedicated person.
  • Must be hard working, enthusiastic, and keen to embrace new challenges.
  • Should be strict in meeting deadlines.
  • A technical artist must be able to explore the new and latest technologies and industry trends to meet up with the requirements.

Technical Artist Education and Qualification

 This is a unique profile that does not define any specific educational background. This profile is a perfect combination of technical prowess with astonishing creativity.

  • A degree in programming or related field is an added advantage.
  • Certificate and diploma in designing and programming can prove to be beneficial for the candidates.
  • Many candidates can also attain on job training provided by the employers.

Technical Artist Salary

The average salary received by a technical artist is $53,238. This salary may vary depending upon various factors like experience and qualifications of the candidate, type of organization and others.

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