Technical Support Director Job Description

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Technical Support Director Job Profile and Description

A technical support director, quite understandably, is responsible for guiding a team of technicians and technical support personnel towards a specific corporate aim. Technology is being improved and improvised almost every moment and the world needs to be kept updated regarding them. This job is provided by technical support directors who work towards achieving client support and appreciation for bringing the latest technologies to the forefront in a planned and strategic manner. With the primary responsibility of directing the workforce, the technical support director is bestowed with a range of other duties that help apply technical solutions to support real-life activities.

Technical Support Director Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities to be performed by a technical support director include:

The primary responsibility of a technical support director would be to provide clients with effective technical solutions to any issue – technical or non-technical – that needs to be developed or molded into a technical form.

It is important for the technical support director to understand the technical aspects of the issue presented by client and provide solutions likewise.

The proper documentation of client needs and corresponding technical solutions is an important aspect of the job in this field, and the support director must be adept in the proper maintenance of all important and relevant records.

A technical support director is immensely responsible for leading a group of able and effective technical support engineers and developers who would work on the field and reach out to clients, helping solve technical issues as early as possible.

Technical Support Director Skills and Specifications

Clear and complete knowledge of technicalities involved in the specific field

Analytical skills, logical and reasoning abilities

Verbal skills; interpersonal abilities; writing abilities

Creativity and innovation in development of effective technical solutions is always highly rewarded.

Leadership abilities

Technical Support Director Education and Qualification

A 4 year Bachelor’s course in Technical support engineering, along with a Master’s [or Doctoral degree] in specific field.

A minimum of 3-4 years of experience in the work area

Certification and licensure from registered authorities or institute

Technical Support Director Salary

The salary of a technical support director generally lies in the range of $84,000 – $1, 45,000 annually. However, salary of a technical support director varies from company to company, around the geographic region and years of experience.

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