Technical Trainer Job Description

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Technical Trainer Job Profile and Description

Technical Trainer offers training in the specialised field or technology. It is a much focused job profile that requires a thorough understanding about the particular subject matter. All the designing and conduction of the training program is managed and coordinated by these technical trainers.

They also modify the existing training programs along with creating the new programs for the organisation. These trainers try to train their trainees in the specific technology which in turn will improve and enhance their on-job performance.

Technical Trainer Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of Technical Trainer will involve:

  • They work as the expert and focused trainer for their organisation and are involved in creating the specific content and other technical products related to that topic.
  • The training programs are conducted in their supervision and most of the time they also train the candidates in that specific technology.
  • All the hand outs, study material, test and laboratory designing related to training program is also managed by technical trainers.
  • They lectures the class about the befits and utility of that technology along with explaining them the methods of making the best use out of that technology.
  • They design the training programs after conducting the comprehensive research on that topic so that they can impart the latest updates with the trainees.
  • Technical trainers also administer all the exams and tests related to training programme.
  • The performance of the trainees is also evaluated by the technical trainers.

Technical Trainer Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of Technical Trainer include:

  • Scrupulous knowledge and understanding about the subject matter and deep understanding on the latest trends used in training.
  • Hardworking and dedicated individuals who follow a positive manner along with a flair for discipline and punctuality.
  • The clarity of thoughts is also essential in order to impart wide-ranging knowledge to the trainees.
  • Capacity to judge and plan in order to accomplish the set goals.

Technical Trainer Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for Technical Trainer are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in that specific area or subject.
  • Training and diploma in the concepts, procedures and practices related to technical training.
  • Certification and licenses to work as a technical trainer.

Technical Trainer Salary

Technical Trainer usually gets an annual salary of $63, 148 and the salary may vary depending upon the experience of the candidate.

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