Telecommunications operator job description

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Telecommunications operator Job Profile and Description

A telecom operator monitors and fixes equipment related to telecommunications like operator workstations, radio-dispatch consoles, fax, multi-line telephone sets, telephone system alarms etc. Operators also answer calls at the main office and respond to phone and microwave system alarms by dispatching internal support. Hey may also have to answer the phone repair line and file entries of important events.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A telecommunications operator speaks clearly and professionally and responds to or transfers calls
  • He also answers general questions about services
  • He sends messages to notification lists or people with information on alarms or extraordinary events
  • He sets up conference calls and monitors the location information system and printer
  • He requests service from maintenance technicians after receiving complaints
  • He has to enter data and keep accurate records, update the database and logs, caller identification numbers etc
  • In some cases he may have to respond to elevator calls at places not covered by security personnel
  • He gives suggestions on how to improve operations, distribute job responsibilities and work in cooperation with all departments
  • He is also responsible for effective customer service

Skills and Specifications

  • He must be proficient in English and preferably other regional languages too
  • He needs to have good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • He must be on duty 24 hours or as required
  • He needs to be calm in difficult situations, while dealing with upset customers
  • He must have technical skills and should have basic computer knowledge
  • Knowledge of the telecommunications system and equipment is also very important
  • He must be alert, polite and firm

Education and Qualifications

A background in engineering helps although it is not the only criterion. Experience in operating a telecommunications operator workstation is also helpful.

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