Telemarketer Job Description

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Telemarketer Job Profile and Description:

As the name suggests, telemarketers are marketing and sales representatives who does business and transacts strictly over the telephone. A good and wide range of services and products spanning from saving accounts to office supplies to resort memberships and range of other products are sold through this marketing form. There are specialists who sell directly while others collect all the necessary information that helps identify the customers to determine the goodness of the new products.  Telemarketers often require calling up a long list of people and try to transact and sale the products to the called clients. They read out a prescribed script to the customer in order to sell the product they are marketing for.

Telemarketer Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities that a telemarketer has to perform are:

  • Achieve the company’s target by talking and negotiating with a large number of outside contacts and personnel.
  • Identify the improvement areas of the company and implementing solutions to assist any problem that might be a concern for the company he is working in.
  • Represent the company in a professional manner.
  • Explain the positive aspects of he product in an attempt to sell the product to the concerned client.
  • Conduct surveys and research
  • Receive orders over the telephone
  • Follow up the customers after an initial interaction.
  • Answer the calls of the customers who are interested in the product.

Telemarketer Skills and Specifications:

The enlisted skills and specifications are a must for a desired telemarketer:

  • Should possess excellent communication skills as a major part of job includes the interaction with clients.
  • Proficient in computer skills, strictly speaking in the MS Office software.
  • Should have ample knowledge of marketing, sales and promotions.
  • Must have a managerial skill.
  • Must be tenacious, adaptable, persuasive, resilient, self motivated and must bear excellent negotiable capability
  • Must be tolerant to stress.
  • Should have an attractive voice since most of the dealings are done over the telephone.

Telemarketer Educational Qualifications:

Specialists on telemarketing might come up from a variety of background. Yet some of the necessary educational qualification that is to be held by a telemarketer is enlisted below:

  • A high school degree
  • A college degree, preferably in the field of marketing or business
  • Professional knowledge of computer including MS Office
  • Proven skills of relation build up.

Telemarketer Salary:

About $33,907 is the chief median that is expected of a telemarketer in USA. The salary, however, varies with experience and post.

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