Telemarketing Assistant Job Description

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Telemarketing Assistant Job Description

A telemarketing assistant is an individual whose job profile comprises of responsibilities such as answering client calls and solving their problems, providing technical solutions to customers, promoting products and services to potential customers and also in general, to achieve larger clientele base.

Telemarketing assistants need to be informed about the company and its business items and services, to provide assistance to customers and others who avail of the company’s services. The education requirements of a telemarketing assistant varies with the job profile, although training and practical experience forms an integral part for qualifying and preparing for the job.

Telemarketing Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities that a telemarketing assistant generally needs to perform include:

  • The primary duty of telemarketing assistants is to convey correct and complete information to clients and customers.
  • A telemarketing assistant must be well-versed with the technicalities and specifications of the product or service being sold or promoted, as it is his responsibility to present them correctly and in the exact manner to achieve desired results.
  • Telemarketing assistants need to resolve technical issues both inside as well as outside the company, through proper communication.
  • Telemarketing assistants also need to collect required information regarding clients and record them properly. These documents serve as important sources of client and market studies for devising business strategies.
  • The telemarketing assistant needs to explain his clients properly and collect feedback as well for better business and sales opportunities.

Telemarketing Assistant Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent written as well as oral communication skills are desired of telemarketing assistants, for their basic job revolves around interaction with customers and clients.
  • Presence of mind and ability to persuade and mould people through proper logic is important.
  • Sales, marketing, and promotional activities need to be well understood and practiced properly. A telemarketing assistant must be skilled to promote respective products and services.
  • Problem-solving skills.

Telemarketing Assistant Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of a telemarketing assistant have been given below:

  • Basic academic qualifications include a High School degree and diploma in some preferred field of study. Graduation is not compulsory.
  • The candidate needs to have thorough knowledge and practical experience in telemarketing areas. Formal training, for a considerable period of time, in related areas is important.
  • Certificates of training courses need to be provided and they must be authenticated by the State registered institutes.

Telemarketing Assistant Salary

The average salary of a telemarketing assistant in the US lies in the range of $25,000 – $39,000 annually. Salaries range higher with experience and job performances, and assistants earn better on being promoted to better job positions.

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